Sanitary Industrial Pumps for Pharmaceutical Processing

Sanitary Industrial Pumps for Pharmaceutical Processing

Pumps for Pharmaceutical Processing

Pharmaceutical processing requires drug manufacturers to conduct a range of operations such as blending, milling, filling, granulation, coating, tablet pressing and more. All equipment utilized in pharmaceutical manufacturing must comply with good manufacturing practices and procedures that prevent product contamination. All products produced in pharmaceutical applications must be safe for consumption and meet strict facility and processing standards and regulations.

Industrial Pumps are a Critical Component in Pharmaceutical Processing

Industrial pumps are used in many pharmaceutical applications to transport fluids for many processes through tubing and process equipment. Sanitary pumps must ensure product integrity throughout all pharmaceutical processes. This includes maintaining sanitary standards as well as ensuring that all drug ingredients and medications do not lose efficacy during or after processes. Industrial pumps play a big role in pharmaceutical processing. Efficient industrial pumps allow pharmaceutical manufacturers to achieve desired results and processes such as crystallization, distillation, drying, degassing, and sterilization.

Challenges in Hygienic Processing and Fluid Handling

Some of the biggest challenges facing pharmaceutical manufacturers include process optimization, cost savings, and regulatory compliance.

Process Optimization

Hygienic processing applications can be evaluated and monitored with instrumentation to help determine areas that can be further optimized. By carefully making changes based on system data, facility managers can achieve improved efficiency and effectiveness in processing. Systems can be configured to alert operators with a type of alarm if parameters such as temperature or pressure fall outside of an acceptable range. This helps operators to maintain consistent processes as well as identify areas for improvement.

Cost Savings

Many hygienic, ultrapure processes utilize monitoring instruments to ensure products are safe for consumers. The stakes are high for manufacturers performing sanitary processes and process monitoring systems help companies to maintain safe operations free from contamination. If pharmaceutical or food and beverage processing companies inadvertently produce contaminated batches, this can be a huge expense in terms of lost material and expensive pharmaceutical ingredients. In a worst-case scenario, contaminated products make it to the consumer level resulting in high-dollar lawsuits. The right processing equipment and instrumentation can help protect manufacturers and consumers and provide a greater return on investment (ROI) to facility managers.

Regulatory Compliance

Various regulatory standards help facility owners and managers to maintain hygienic processing of fluids and sanitary applications. Achieving and maintaining sanitary conditions is the overall focus of regulatory standards, which also apply to pumps, process equipment, and instrumentation utilized in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Sanitary process equipment must meet standards regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, FDA, as well as 3-A Sanitary Standards.

Sanitary Pumps for Pharmaceutical Processing

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, offers sanitary pumps for high-purity applications including pharmaceutical, biotech, and food and beverage processing. Sanitary centrifugal pumps are one of the most common types of pumps used in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes in a variety of applications. IPE offers sanitary centrifugal and other pump types as well as assisting customers with full process equipment system design, installation, and testing. We focus on optimizing the entire process for maximum efficiency and safety while reducing downtime and maintenance expenses.

IPE differs from other pump suppliers in our responsiveness to customer needs and high level of technical expertise. We provide comprehensive, turnkey pumping solutions, including design, installation, testing, maintenance, repair, and energy audits. Contact us to speak with an engineer to learn more about sanitary pumps for pharmaceuticals or any other ultrapure, sanitary application.