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Grundfos Machine Health – Condition Monitoring

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, is a premier distributor for Grundfos, the largest pump supplier in the world, offering the full Grundfos pump product line and Grundfos Machine Health condition monitoring.

Grundfos Machine HealthGrundfos Machine Health – Continuous Monitoring

Grundfos Machine Health is a continuous condition monitoring system that provides enhanced visibility into machine health, operational and mechanical behavior. Grundfos Machine Health (GMH) provides continuous monitoring of equipment 24/7 across multiple locations or environments, allowing customers to identify patterns and improve reliability.

GMH identifies anomalies based on predetermined metrics and artificial intelligence (AI) to control downtime and reduce maintenance costs. Companies can see when maintenance will be needed and schedule preventive maintenance at the most opportune time rather than experience unintended downtime and costly repairs.

Grundfos Machine Health is an innovative solution that identifies small faults before they turn into major issues, providing actionable data to your screen or phone. Companies can see the most urgent issues and focus the team on the most prioritized actions. Working with an experienced Grundfos supplier with experience in machine health condition monitoring provides worry-free operations that bring many valuable benefits to a wide range of industries and applications.

Grundfos Machine Health for any Rotating Equipment

Grundfos Machine Health can be applied to nearly any piece of rotating equipment where predictive maintenance would prevent downtime–pumps, blowers, compressors, and centrifuges, to name a few. Any equipment that has bearings is a candidate for GMH. The platform shows companies a better way of operating their rotating equipment with the greatest efficiency, moving companies towards improved reliability and less waste for more sustainable operations.

Whether operating a single building or network of facilities in industrial operations, power generation, or water treatment applications, GMH allows key stakeholders to maintain continuous, real-time visibility into the inner workings of all machines.

How Does Grundfos Machine Health Work?

GMH provides a non-invasive, simple installation with advanced wireless sensors that transfer data to a secure cloud platform. A robust algorithm detects the slightest variations in optimal performance by continually measuring things like temperature and vibration. Data is transferred to a secure cloud location with real-time analysis displayed on a dashboard and accessible on any tablet, computer, or smartphone.

Benefits of Grundfos Machine Health

Grundfos Machine Health offers quick installation with out-of-the-box monitoring solutions. IPE offers the installation of GMH to ensure customers realize the maximum benefits of this innovative digital monitoring solution. Customers typically experience:

  • 75% fewer breakdowns
  • 30% lower maintenance expenses
  • 20% reduction in energy consumed
  • 45% increased uptime

GMH provides a return on investment in weeks rather than months in many applications, analyzing data in real time and providing accurate and actionable diagnostics. GMH monitors for more than 38 common machine malfunctions, with some of the most important being:

  •  Vibration
  • Misalignment
  • Resonance
  • Cavitation
  • Bearing Wear

By continually monitoring and alerting at the first signs of trouble, companies can schedule predictive maintenance with a detailed analysis and straightforward corrective actions. GMH identifies asset behavior trends and identifies areas of improvement based on operational parameters and a correlation with deep mechanical insights.

GMH is easily expandable to grow with your operations to other equipment and facilities, with a customized platform and robust AI catered to your needs. Grundfos is leading the way with innovation in smart maintenance technologies that provide the most efficient equipment operation with reduced energy consumption. GMH focuses on the entire system for a holistic view into reducing energy and waste for the most sustainable operations.

IPE Offers Grundfos Machine Health

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, offers Grundfos Machine Health in conjunction with quality Grundfos pumps and process equipment. We differ from other pump suppliers in our commitment to customers and in-depth technical expertise. IPE provides a holistic approach with complete system design, installation, and testing to ensure the most efficient pump operation.

IPE is a leading Midwest pump supplier and authorized Grundfos dealer with factory-trained technicians. We provide value-added pump services that improve your overall efficiency, reliability, and safety. Contact us to learn more about the many valuable benefits of Grundfos Machine Health for continuous condition monitoring.
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