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Metering Pumps

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, offers metering pumps, also called dosing pumps as they are used to provide precision fluid handling and measured dosing of specific fluids. Fluid metering pumps deliver precise dosing while maintaining a constant flow rate to move a measured volume of liquid or chemicals over a specified period of time. Dosing with metering pumps provides high accuracy across various discharge pressures and can be adjustable to meet various application needs.

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metering pump.jpgMetering Pump Technology

Metering pumps are used when exact dosing is required such as in chemical and solution applications where fluids must be precisely injected with adjustable flow rates. Various types of pumps can be made to be metering pumps, although they are commonly positive displacement, diaphragm pumps to avoid leakage at seals which is important when moving toxic, dangerous, or noxious chemicals.

IPE will help you evaluate the most critical considerations when choosing the right metering pump for your application, including:

  • Flow rates and pressure – this is determined by the application and process
  • Resistance to corrosion – depending on the chemical being pumped
  • Precision – accurate delivery of the chemical required in the process
  • Reliability – for predictable and sustained operation
  • Safety – prevent environmental contamination and protect employees
  • Maintenance – simplified maintenance to maximize equipment uptime and minimize costs
  • Methods of control – manual, analog signal, pulse signal, timer-based and volume-based batching

The application will dictate the type of metering pump required, IPE technicians offer the best pump solution for the type of dosing or metered fluid control required.

Metering Pump Applications

Fluid metering pumps are typically used in chemical feed applications rather than for transferring fluid when accuracy is required. Common applications for metering pumps include:

    • Municipal water treatment – metering pumps deliver reliable and accurate dosing of chemicals and additives required in municipal drinking water treatment processes such as coagulation, flocculation, particle removal, disinfection, and stabilization by providing:
      • Metering of sodium and calcium hypochlorites for disinfection
      • pH control with acid and caustic injection
      • Metering sodium aluminate or alum as a coagulant aid
      • Metering of polymers for coagulation
      • Metering of lime slurries for pH control and softening
      • Injection of filter aid slurries
      • Metering activated carbon slurries for odor and taste control
      • Aqua ammonia or ammonium sulphate in production of chloramines
      • Injecting fluoride compounds
    • Waste water treatment – metering pumps in wastewater treatment provide coagulation, flocculation, pH adjustment, disinfection, and odor control via:
      • Metering caustics and acids for pH control
      • Metering of hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite for disinfection
      • Dosing sodium bisulfite for de-chlorination
      • Metering of sodium aluminate or alum for coagulation
      • Caustic and acid injection to regenerate resins
      • Dosing of potassium permanganate for iron and manganese removal
      • Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) metering to remove metal, cyanide and for pH control
      • Dosing of bromine for disinfection, mainly in cooling towers
      • Injecting copper sulfate to control algae in water cooling towers
      • Alum and free chloride injection for coagulation
      • Injecting methanol for denitrification
      • Metering lime slurries for corrosion and pH control, coagulation

When metering pumps are used for water disinfection applications such as these, off-gassing can occur, specifically when pumping sodium hypochlorite. IPE offers solutions to prevent vapor lock with Grundfos metering pumps featuring SMART digital dosing and auto-deaeration.

  • Water treatment in Boiler Systems – prevent scale and algae
  • Food and beverage production – injecting food colorings, flavorings, and preservatives
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing – precise dosing of required pharmaceutical components
  • Chemical processing – accurate, controlled dosing of chemicals

Metering Pump Features and Benefits

Liquid metering pumps that are stepper motor-driven provide high accuracy and control. Grundfos offers SMART digital dosing technology to maintain constant precision with additional auto deaeration features that prevent vapor locking and solve off-gassing problems. A sensor can determine the amount of air and liquid in the head and will adjust the speed using AutoFlowAdapt technology for accurate, consistent dosing.

IPE offers Grundfos metering pumps as well as other top manufacturers.

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