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Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps: Applications, Benefits & Features

There are two different major categories of pumps, conventional sealed pumps and sealless pumps.  Conventional sealed pumps require a seal system, typically with a mechanical seal.  Sealless pumps do not require a seal and magnetic drive pumps are an important type of sealless pumps. They are used in applications where …

Trusted Midwest Supplier of Pumping Solutions and Process

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, is a leading Midwest supplier of pumping solutions and process equipment with vast expertise and knowledge in various market applications. We earn your trust through integrity and a deep technical knowledge of pumping process equipment.  We are driven to help our customers succeed with improved efficiency, …

Case Study: Chemical Plant Solution with Grundfos CR95 BoosterpaQ Pumps

A Midwest chemical processing and distribution company had increased their chemical production capacity with the addition of larger heat exchangers.  This increased capacity put a strain on the aging water system. Maintaining precise temperatures ensures that the chemical reaction yields the highest concentration of a product. The inability of the …