Selecting the Right Sanitary Pump for Your Application

Selecting the Right Sanitary Pump for Your Application

Sanitary Pumps

Selecting the right sanitary pump for high-purity pharmaceutical applications as well as food processing, and biotechnology applications require a high level of design where the stakes are higher than in some other applications. Sanitary pumps must efficiently transfer products and also meet strict cleanability and design requirements mandated by various organizations that establish ultraclean processing standards.

Partnering with an experienced pump and process equipment supplier with experience and technical expertise in sanitary pumping applications is critical to implementing the right equipment and process design.

Application Criteria to Choose the Best Sanitary Pump

Pump specialists will obtain as many application criteria as possible and rely on various analytical tools to choose the best type of sanitary pumps and process equipment for ultraclean, high-purity applications. Sanitary centrifugal pumps are a popular choice for transferring lower-viscosity fluids, although choosing the right type of pump is only part of the process. Other factors include selecting the right size of pump, the correct seals, elastomers, and rotors.

Some of the most important considerations when choosing sanitary pumps include:


  • Pump size – pump specialists can help you choose the optimum pump size for the most efficient and safe fluid transfer process.
  • Discharge pressure – this is a critical factor when choosing the right size of centrifugal pumps as well as positive displacement pumps and must be considered when choosing pump horsepower requirements.
  • Cleanability – the cleaning process is important, whether a cleaning in place (CIP) or cleaning out of place (COP) method is chosen.
  • Seal maintenanceCIP cleanability can improve process line operating time as well as utilizing pumps with front loaded product seals to reduce and simplify the seal replacement time.
  • Seal requirements – requirements for single or double mechanical seals, elastomers, and materials are an important consideration based on application requirements, including temperature and fluid properties.
  • Material composition – the metal composition of sanitary pumps is a critical decision, particularly in food processing applications which are regulated by government agencies.
  • Application requirements – understanding the application requirements is important to choose the right type of pump, where pressure and flow rate can be very different from one part of the process to another, such as a filling application compared to transferring fluid from one tank to another.
  • Fluid properties – it is important to know the properties of the fluids to be transferred as various fluids require different types of seals and elastomers and have different pressures that can affect the suction and ability for reliable pumping. Some fluids may be abrasive or sticky, and this is important information to know ahead of time as it can affect the seal material chosen and determine if a seal flush is required.
  • Fluid viscosity – the viscosity of each fluid being pumped is a critical factor as highly viscous fluids will not pump as well with a centrifugal pump and may need to be addressed with a positive displacement pump. Viscosity is a critical factor when determining friction loss.
  • Temperature – the temperature for both the process and cleaning methods is an important consideration, as high temperatures can affect a liquid’s vapor pressure and suction. Temperature can also affect sump pump components that may expand under heat.
  • Specific gravity/density – fluid density and specific gravity play a role in choosing the right pump size and determining horsepower requirements.
  • Flow rate – this is always an important consideration for any pumping and process application.

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, is a leading Midwest pump and process equipment supplier offering sanitary pumping solutions for high-purity applications.

IPE helps our customers to evaluate all application criteria to select the best type of sanitary pumps and process equipment for ultraclean processing applications. We differ from other pump suppliers in our level of technical expertise and responsiveness to our customers’ needs. Contact us with any questions and to learn more about how to choose the best sanitary pump for your high-purity processing applications.