What are the Benefits of Digital Dosing Pumps?

What are the Benefits of Digital Dosing Pumps?

Digital dosing pumpsDigital dosing pumps provide many benefits over mechanical metering pumps in high precision dosing applications. One downside of mechanical metering pumps is the inability to provide a dynamic, variable flow that meets various application needs without an expensive frequency converter installed. This can increase operational costs with mechanical pumps as well as wasting chemicals. Digital dosing pumps provide a solution.

Digital dosing pumps by Grundfos provide a high turn-down ratio, which means that fewer pump variance can cover more pump applications. This allows process pumps to be set up easily to handle other tasks with different flow requirements, thereby delivering a dynamic flow according to requirements, with an automated process.

Intelligent Digital Dosing Pumps

 Grundfos intelligent Digital dosing pumps are ideal for providing precise, cost-effective, and reliable dosing in complex processes. Digital dosing overcomes previous challenges with metering applications and presents new opportunities and benefits to users.

Digital dosing ensures a much higher level of accuracy than mechanical dosing when both small and large dosing quantities are required. This greatly reduces chemical waste as dosing can be measured close to perfection.  Digital dosing also removes the necessity to modify stroke length. This contributes to improved accuracy while not affecting suction capacity.

With mechanical dosing, reducing the stroke length reduces the pump capacity. This results in priming issues with some pumps. The internal stroke speed control with digital dosing, however, runs at a continuous, smooth rate and makes stroke length modification no longer a problem.

Another issue that digital dosing addresses is eliminating airlock which occurs when the dosing head gets filled with gas and is compressed and expanded with the diaphragm movement, causing non-displacement of fluids. This results in problems with off-gassing liquids such as sodium hypochlorite in mechanical dosing processes. This can also lead to a process pump stopping until it is primed. This is no longer an issue with digital dosing which is excellent at handling off-gassing fluids.

Installation and service is another benefit with digital dosing pumps as the need for additional components like flowmeters and pulsation dampeners is minimized.

All of this combined with increased reliability, a trouble-free, smooth operation means less maintenance, service and repair. Digital dosing provides a higher level of accuracy over mechanical metering, reduces chemical waste and energy costs.

Benefits of Grundfos Digital Dosing Pumps

Grundfos digital dosing pumps open up a whole new world of possibilities and provide many benefits in process stability, cost savings and flexible design.

Process stability – Digital dosing provides optimal  control of flow and pressure,  and automatically adapts to changes in the system with nearly continuous dosing. No additional components and measurements are required when the pump is supplied with an integrated sensor.

Cost savings – intelligent digital dosing pumps provide the highest level of efficiency with proven savings of chemicals.  With plug and pump capability, less components need to be adjusted to work together. Faster commissioning is achieved with direct input of control parameters with predefined settings.

Flexible design – freedom of capacity is achieved with a wide flow range that can be covered with one pump solution. Fault indication from log files can be evaluated with failure log communicated with clear texts. Advanced data communication is available for  remote pump control.

IPE Offers Digital Dosing Pump Solutions 

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, is your trusted Midwest pump processing supplier and full-service pump and process equipment repair center. We are a Grundfos authorized service center, set apart from other pump providers with our technical capabilities and customized, integrated pumping solutions. We focus on improving efficiencies that enhance your profitability.

IPE offers highly experienced service technicians and staff engineers with deep technical knowledge of pump processing equipment. We offer full system design, installation, testing, repair, and service to improve your process. Contact us with any questions and to learn more about the many benefits of digital dosing pumps.