What are Benefits of Mechanical Dosing Pumps?

What are Benefits of Mechanical Dosing Pumps?

For industrial purposes, a dosing pump is used when a certain quantity of chemicals must be applied to a process fluid. Dosing administers several doses in specific time intervals contrary to a single dose. Dosing pumps are used in many industrial applications such as water and wastewater treatment for commercial buildings and industrial process water. Dosing is also used for chemical dosing, filtration, and disinfection.

For most of these applications, the water must be checked to ensure that it maintains the desired level of quality on a regular basis. This is where dosing pumps provide value. When the quality of the water is checked, it can be injected with chemicals to achieve the desired water quality. Traditionally, mechanical dosing pumps add chemicals when needed at a constant, predefined volume with a simple on/off trigger.

Mechanical dosing pumps provide many benefits along with a variety of challenges which can often be addressed with digital dosing technology.  Mechanical dosing pumps have their place in industrial processes, however, and offer many advantages. Mechanical driven diaphragm metering pumps have been used in industrial processes for a long time and are recognized for simple operation.

Mechanical Dosing Benefits in Applications 

Mechanical dosing provides several benefits to various applications with process stability, cost savings, and flexible design.

Process stability – mechanical dosing pumps provide good control of the pump with motor protection and integrated temperature sensors. Equipment is protected with less risk for water hammer and cavitation. No additional measurements are required with an integrated PI controller and combined external sensors when possible.

Cost savings – mechanical dosing pumps provide high reliability and rough applications and environments. Easy configuration allows for plug in pump services with direct input of predefined settings and control parameters.

Flexible design – freedom of capacity is achieved with a wide flow range covered with one solution. Grundfos mechanical pumps offer a failure log that can be easily evaluated with a PLC and advanced data communication with remote pump control.

IPE Offers Mechanical Dosing Pump Solutions 

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, offers mechanical dosing pump solutions with Grundfos diaphragm metering pumps.  Mechanical dosing pumps are suitable for many applications including:

  • Industrial water supply and transfer
  • Industrial heating
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Chemigation and Fertigation
  • Desalination
  • Industrial wastewater treatment and reuse

Grundfos offers mechanical metering pumps in a series of extremely strong pumps for applications that require high-pressure capabilities and reliable dosing. Mechanical dosing pumps are the best choice for many applications and require minimum maintenance. These metering pumps can cover a large pressure and flow range.

IPE is your one stop for process pump solutions offering a wide range of services and quality pump products. We offer complete pump process design, installation, testing and repair to ensure your processes operating with optimum performance. Contact us to learn more and with any questions about the many benefits of mechanical dosing pumps.