Prevent AODD Pump Failures

Prevent AODD Pump Failures

AODD Pump FailuresAir operated diaphragm pumps operate with balanced compressed air which provides benefits in certain applications as they create a vacuum in the suction pipe and are self-priming.  AODD pumps are used to provide a sort of  “set it and forget it” mentality as they require less maintenance than other types of pumps, although as preventive maintenance programs prove, running any machinery and equipment to failure is never a good idea.

Prior to the mindset changing when preventive maintenance was recognized as a cost-saving benefit to companies, many businesses experienced interruptions in processing operations when pumps would fail. Companies started to realize the actual cost of equipment downtime, the safety risk experienced with equipment failure, the costs associated with repairs or replacements, as well as other issues such as hazardous fluid leaks causing danger to employees and the environment.



Even with well-thought-out preventive maintenance plans, this typically applies to pumps that require inspection of wear on components such as bearings, gaskets, seals, and valves. The rotor, casing, and flow path should be checked for excessive wear or damage and proper operation. AODD pumps are not always included in preventive maintenance programs due to few moving parts with a simple design. This can make inspecting AODD pumps an afterthought until a maintenance issue occurs.

Remote Diagnostics For AODD Pumps 

AODD pumps provide resilient and reliable pumping solutions in tough environments such as viscous and hazardous fluid transfer applications. Remote diagnostic performance monitoring allows for early identification of operational inefficiencies to provide proactive, preventive maintenance and repairs with real-time operational transparency. This provides cost savings to businesses and improves operator safety.

AODD pumps can be monitored for performance parameters such as:

  • Wear and tear of components – air distribution components, ball seats, and diaphragms can all experience wear over time.
  • Dry run conditions – energy usage, lifespan, and overall pump performance will be affected by excessive dry run conditions.
  • Diaphragm failure – prediction of failure is crucial to prevent leaks of potentially hazardous fluid and mitigate downtime. Early recognition of failure can prevent the need for total pump replacement with less costly maintenance and repair.
  • Operational defects – air leaks, clogged pipes, or faulty valves will all affect a pump’s performance.

Today, diagnostic monitoring of pumps provides real-time communication with operators with important operational information that indicates when preventive maintenance may be required or when a breakdown could occur.

IPE Offers AODD Pumps With Value Added Services 

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, offers air operated diaphragm pumps from the leading manufacturers as well as technical support, process equipment system design, installation, testing, and more as your pumping solutions partner. We understand the importance of preventive maintenance and process monitoring and provide pumping solutions that increase efficiencies, saving time and money while ensuring safety in all processes.

IPE is the leading Midwest process equipment supplier, offering high-quality pumps and pumping solutions to a wide range of industries and applications. We offer a wide selection of Iwaki air operated diaphragm pumps and value added services including custom maintenance programs and energy audits for optimum energy efficiency. Contact us to learn more about maintaining your AODD pumps for better performance and efficiencies.