The Role of Pumps in Water Treatment: Ultrafiltration

The Role of Pumps in Water Treatment: Ultrafiltration

Water Treatment UltrafiltrationRemoving particles through an ultrafiltration water treatment process is a key component in providing clean water for subsequent use. Water filtration pumps are used to pump water through a membrane that removes particles as small as 0.01 μm, or microns, such as suspended solids, bacteria, and other small particles. Ultrafiltration plants can vary in size from a small-scale system such as treating water supply in remote areas or a large ultrafiltration system to process water for industrial parks and thousands of citizens. The ultrafiltration pressure range is typically from 1 to 10 bar (14.5 – 145 psig).

The Role of Ultrafiltration Pumping Equipment

Feedwater is generally pumped through a semi-permeable membrane to filter out the unwanted particles. In some systems, a dosing pump is used to add a flocculant into the feedline for improvement of solids removal. A backwash pump located after the membrane is used for cleaning the membrane, aided by filtrate cleaning chemicals dosed by a metering pump.

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are common in membrane filtration units. Typically an external VFD is used on pressure pumps for ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis systems to account for flow variability. Most end-use applications have a constant flow requirement, such as water treatment and boiler systems which require a constant flow process. Fixed speed pumps are used in the majority of membrane systems.



Challenges with Ultrafiltration Applications

There are many challenges in water ultrafiltration processes, such as the changing overall water conditions, which could be due to an increase in turbidity and other factors. A change in the demand for clean water can also be a challenge. Modern ultrafiltration pumps and process equipment must be designed and installed in a smooth and reliable manner to handle these challenges and changing demands.

Pumps and Process Equipment for Water Ultrafiltration

Pumps and process equipment must include components that can easily integrate and provide reliable and quick information on the quality of the water. Flexible management and changes of flow rate are necessary for reliable ultrafiltration processes. Process equipment must meet these requirements and also provide economic and energy-efficient solutions without detrimental effects on the environment.

Illinois Process Equipment Offers Ultrafiltration Water Pumps

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, offers quality pumps and process equipment and differs from other pump suppliers with our in-depth technical expertise and value-added services. IPE offers full process equipment system design, installation, and on-site testing to ensure that your water filtration process is working properly as expected and in the safest and most efficient manner. Unique specifications apply to each industrial water treatment application based on the water source and the conditions of the water required for the process.

IPE helps our customers to install the most efficient and reliable water treatment system, including pumps for intake, aeration, coagulation, and flocculation, removal of particles and substances, stabilization, distribution, and control systems.

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