Why Accurate Flavor & Essence Dosing Is Critical

Why Accurate Flavor & Essence Dosing Is Critical

Flavor & Essence Dosing PumpsPrecise and accurate control of dosing flavorings, essence, fragrances, or any other food additive is key to high product quality. Any slight alteration of a flavorant can significantly alter the characteristics of a food or beverage product causing it to become too sour, sweet, or tangy. Different additives can change the way a food smells but not alter the taste. Dosing pumps in the food and beverage market must be highly accurate and consistent.

Considerations for Dosing Pumps in the Food and Beverage Market

Food and beverage additives must be strictly controlled for product quality as well as reduction of waste. Different technologies with dosing and metering pumps provide the level of accuracy needed to maintain product integrity and prevent loss of ingredients to reduce waste. Other considerations when selecting the right metering pump for your food and beverage application includes ease of cleaning, versatility, and ease of change in production requirements.

Working with an experienced pump and process equipment supplier will ensure that your dosing pumps provide the most important features including:

  • Stable control
  • High accuracy
  • Ease of changeover
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Compact pumping system
  • Direct pump control
  • Efficient operation
  • Automatic filling

Smart dosing pumps today provide the ability for automatic filling with sensors that control the dosing cycle. High-quality process pumps for the food and beverage market provide consistent liquid delivery of food additives with flexible possibilities for operation.

Metering Pumps and Expertise in Food and Beverage Dosing

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, is a leading Midwest pump and process equipment supplier, offering a wide selection of high quality pumps from the top manufacturers in the industry. We offer food-grade peristaltic pumps, Grundfos metering and precise dosing pumps, centrifugal and gear pumps.

This case study shows how Grundfos DDA-FCM pumps provided the solution that a candymaker needed for the precise dose of color, flavor, and acid additives for quality mass production.  The volume of their output would not have been possible with their prior process equipment until the Grundfos solution provided the flexibility needed.

Benefits Achieved With Quality Food Processing Pumps 

Choosing the right pump processing equipment is important no matter your industry, although food and beverage processing companies must be extremely cautious to maintain the integrity of human consumable items. Not only is it important to maintain the taste, flavor, and aroma of foods, it is of the utmost importance to maintain safety.

IPE helps food and beverage processors to select the right pump process equipment system that not only meets their specific needs for high quality but also provides cost efficient operation. The right pump process equipment for the food and beverage industry should provide the following benefits:

  • Reduction in downtime – with the right pump processing solution, food and beverage makers should experience a reduction in downtime with smart pumps that can clear blocked feed lines and provide faster changeovers.
  • Less maintenance – features that promote low maintenance and easy cleaning also promote less downtime and a sanitary environment.
  • High accuracy – SMART digital dosing technology maintains a constant level of precision while preventing vapor locking or off gassing problems.
  • Prevent over dosing – accurate dosing prevents over dosing of expensive additives, providing significant cost savings while maintaining food quality.
  • Flexibility – food processors have thousands of recipe variations and need a pump processing system to give them the flexibility they need without upgrading dozens of pumps to meet specific needs.
  • Consistency – food processors need to rely on their equipment to provide reliable, high precision dosing with consistent repeatability, the key factor in quality production.

IPE offers an experienced team including the industry’s leading engineers with decades of experience in process equipment and market specialization.

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, offers a pump processing solution that includes quality equipment and comprehensive services. We offer full process system design, troubleshooting, cost-benefit analysis, installation, testing, and repairs. Contact us to learn more about improving your product quality and process efficiencies with the best pumps available for food and beverage dosing.