The Right Metering Pump For Your Application

The Right Metering Pump For Your Application

Metering PumpA metering pump is a type of pump that is used to precisely transfer a volume of liquid with accurate control of the flow rate over a specified period of time. Metering pumps are sometimes also used for dosing or injecting various liquids and are used in different industries. Metering pumps are used to inject chemicals into water for wastewater treatment, for example, or for precisely controlling caustic chemicals during chemical manufacturing or in the food processing industry to control the introduction of food additives.

Evaluate Pumping Specifics and Application Requirements

It is important to know the requirements of your metering pump regarding exact metering needs such as flow rate, temperature, and pressure, as well as specific application requirements. After evaluating all the basic concerns of your metering pump and application, do not forget to consider the need for any ancillary equipment such as pressure relief valves or strainers.

Different types of metering pumps are available with features to match your application needs.  A metering pump for a chemical dosing application may need different functionality than a metering pump for a food dosing process. A pump and process equipment specialist can help you understand the different types of metering pumps available and match the right model for your application needs.

The Importance of Flow Rate 

The flow rate is the essential function of the metering pump and greatly affects the results of applications like chemical dosing. Knowing your exact flow rate is indispensable for accuracy when dispersing chemicals such as metering pumps used in wastewater treatment either for killing germs or for coagulation, or metering pumps used in chemical processing applications.

Various factors can affect a pump’s output such as fluid temperature, viscosity, the piping system design and length of piping, any suction lift required, and the psi of the system’s pressure. A quality metering pump, however, should perform as expected without fluctuation in output once calibrated and properly set up.

Specific Metering Pump Needs 

Document all of the tasks that will be required of the metering pump in your process. This is important to choose the right type and model of pump to meet your specific requirements. Speaking with an experienced pump and process equipment supplier can help you to understand the right type of metering pump needed given the temperature, pressure, and metering or dosing requirements.

The Need for Ancillary Equipment 

Your metering pump is an important component of an entire cohesive system that requires multiple parts all working together. Depending on your pump requirements and the application, various ancillary components may be needed such as isolation valves, relief valves, strainers, etc…Different valves require specific settings to achieve the correct input output result.

When you choose the right type of high-quality, metering pump, you should expect for it to work accurately and precisely. Factors such as temperature, viscosity, and pressure should not affect the ability of the metering pump to maintain consistent precision. With the right metering pump from IPE, you can have assurances of accurate dosing with service and support you can rely on.

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, offers high quality metering pumps for use in many applications including water treatment, chemical processing, food and beverage, paints and coatings and more.

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