Selecting a Maintenance & Service Provider For Process Pumps

Selecting a Maintenance & Service Provider For Process Pumps

Maintenance & Service Provider

It is important to partner with the right service provider for process pumps and equipment operations and maintenance. Choosing the right process equipment service provider can be challenging and there are many factors to consider to mitigate risk and improve reliability in your plant.  The right service provider will provide many benefits beyond ensuring plant performance operates as intended such as providing safety, operational, and financial benefits.

Why You Should Use a Process Equipment Service Provider

Partnering with an outside process equipment service provider is often necessary as the technical expertise required to operate and maintain performance is often not available at the company. Without reliable pump and equipment support, many facilities would not operate efficiently or safely.

Some of the benefits gained by partnering with an experienced pump and process equipment service provider include:

  • Mitigating risk in the facility and improving safety to employees
  • A reduction in the use of in-house resources and overhead
  • An improvement in efficiency and productivity equals financial gains for all stakeholders



Partnering with an outside service provider for process pumps provides advantages with having someone on your team with expertise and knowledge of the equipment and technology.

Mitigating risk and improving safety is the most important benefit for using a process equipment service provider. An expert on the pump process equipment will know the right type of pumps and equipment to use to prevent leaks of hazardous chemicals and protect employees as well as understanding how to meet environmental compliance regulations.

Considerations When Selecting Pump Process Equipment Service Providers

There are several factors for consideration when searching for a service provider for your pump process equipment. Some of the most important considerations include:

  • Experience with the specific type of pumps and process equipment in use
  • The option to include real-time monitoring
  • The ability to conduct energy audits to ensure maximum efficiency
  • The ability to design, install and test equipment
  • Experience with improving plant safety and environmental requirements

This is a short list of the minimum requirements you should demand when sourcing a pump process equipment service provider. The provider chosen should add value to the organization which justifies the cost of a service contract. Safety and environmental protection should never be compromised over financial considerations. Taking your time in evaluating all services offered and the experience of the service provider is the best way to choose the right process equipment support for your facility.

Illinois Process Equipment and Service Support

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, is a premier Midwest process equipment and pumping solutions provider.  We provide customized repair and maintenance programs that minimize downtime, improve equipment uptime, safety, and efficiency. Our integrated process equipment services and turnkey industrial pumping solutions include:

  • Full system design and engineering
  • Pump and process equipment installation and testing
  • Real-time condition monitoring
  • Energy efficiency and usage audits
  • Field service
  • On-site repair
  • Expert technical capabilities

IPE offers these comprehensive process equipment services and more. As a premier Midwest pump supplier, we offer high-quality pumps from the top manufacturers and brands in the industry.

IPE is your leading Midwest process equipment and pumping solutions supplier, offering quality pumps and comprehensive services. We are a full-service Grundfos Authorized Service Partner and provide customized service for all types of pumps and process equipment. Contact us to learn more about improving the safety, efficiency, and performance of your process equipment with a full-service pumping solutions provider.