Grundfos MLE Motor 15HP, 3PH/440-480V

Grundfos MLE Motor 15HP, 3PH/440-480V

Grundfos MLE Motor – Stocking Distributor

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Grundfos MLE Motor

  • 254TC Frame
  • 3PH
  • 15HP
  • 440-480V
  • [99150318, 99150319, 99150320, 99150321, 99150322, 91150323, 91150324]
  • CR, CRI, CRN, CRE [10, 15, 20, 32, 45, 64, 95]
  • Grundfos MLE Motors for CR, CRI, CRN SPK, and MTR

  The Grundfos MLE motors is an integrated variable frequency, permanent
magnet motor that exceeds IE5 efficiency levels. IE5 is two levels above
the current IE3 standard for motor efficiency. This equates to up to a
10 percent decrease in energy consumption due to premium efficiency.

• Energy and cost savings with optimized efficiency
• Single source supplier for motor, drive, pump and controls
• Higher performance and more compact pumps
• Plug-and-pump integration
• Motor and variable frequency drive are perfectly matched
for trouble-free operation
• Dedicated functionality for specific pump applications—
no further programming required
• Predefined intelligent control modes such as constant pressure,
proportional pressure, and constant level, make it easy to fit the
pump into any application

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