What is a Grundfos Pump Energy Audit?

What is a Grundfos Pump Energy Audit?

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Pump efficiency can hugely impact overall lifecycle costs. A Grundfos pump energy audit helps companies to determine potential savings and provides suggestions to improve performance and efficiency. Switching to energy-efficient pumps helps companies to reduce CO2 emissions as well as energy expenses, often with a quick return on investment.

Benefits of A Grundfos Pump Energy Audit

Companies experience many benefits from an energy audit of their pumping system. An energy check will let businesses know just how much they are spending on their current pump system and how much they could save with more energy-efficient Grundfos pumps. Companies can significantly reduce energy expenses and also improve their environmental impact by reducing energy and water consumption. An energy audit helps businesses know how they can meet design standards for high energy-efficient pump systems.

Companies receive a detailed energy audit report which includes an evaluation of total lifecycle expenses, details on the potential for saving energy, recommendations on how to optimize the pumping system, and possibilities to improve a facility’s environmental profile.

Grundfos Energy Check Detailed Steps

The Grundfos energy check process consists of six detailed steps:

  • Initial contact and appointment with a Grundfos authorized consultant
    A qualified Grundfos consultant will perform an on-site assessment of your entire pumping system, including the types, sizes, and ages of your pumps, your applications, and the process operational flow. This initial assessment gives some insight into potential areas for improvement.
  • Diagnosis and on-site inspection
    Based on an on-site inspection, the consultant will document a preliminary list of installed pumps and performance data to highlight areas suitable for optimization.
  • Fulfillment with a comprehensive report
    You will receive a comprehensive report with insights and details of your potential energy savings based on the diagnosis and assessment.
  • Proposal with suggested actions
    You will get a quotation for an optimized pump system based on the Energy Check on-site inspection and preliminary data collected at the facility.
  • Assessment after the Grundfos Energy Audit is completed
    A report with a selection of suitable pump solutions is presented to the customer, who then has the opportunity to choose the best pump solution for their system or decide if they want to conduct a Pump Audit for exact measurements.
  • Evaluation and follow-up
    The authorized Grundfos representative will conduct a follow-up on the services performed to ensure complete satisfaction and satisfactory pump performance.

IPE Offers Grundfos Energy Audits

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, is an authorized Grundfos service partner, offering quality pumps and process equipment and comprehensive services, including energy audits. We differ from other pump suppliers with the technical expertise of our pump specialists and integrated pumping solutions that improve operational efficiencies and profitability.

IPE is the Midwest’s leading pump and process equipment supplier, offering energy audits that evaluate all energy usage, compare savings, and include a recommended solution. We help our customers to justify capital improvements with a clearly understood return on investment. Contact us to learn more about improving your operational flow and internal efficiencies with a pump and process equipment energy audit.