Grundfos Dosing Pump Accessories

Grundfos Dosing Pump Accessories

 Grundfos Dosing Pump Accessories

When it comes to dosing with Grundfos pumps, having the right accessories is crucial to ensure accurate and efficient operation.

Accessories for Dosing Pumps

Grundfos offers a comprehensive range of accessories that cover every need when it comes to dosing pumps. These accessories not only provide enhanced functionality but also ensure seamless integration with external control devices and optimize the dosing process.

When you’re installing a Grundfos dosing pump these essential accessories can enhance the performance and functionality of your dosing system include:

Cables and Plugs

Grundfos provides cables and plugs to connect your pump to external control devices such as process controllers, flow meters, start/stop contacts, and level sensors. These cables and plugs are designed specifically for this purpose with durable PVC material, ensuring reliable performance. They ensure a secure and reliable connection between your pump and the control devices with a plug size of M 12, enabling seamless integration, efficient connection, and control.

Foot Valves (FV)

Foot valves are installed at the lower end of the inlet hose and play a vital role in the dosing system by preventing backflow and maintaining proper suction. They do not offer level indication, although they provide essential functionalities. Foot valves include a strainer with a mesh size of approximately 0.03 inches (0.8 mm) and a non-return valve. When using foot valves with hose installation, it is recommended to use a rigid pipe to keep the inlet line straight and upright in the tank.

Rigid Suction Lances (RSL)

Rigid suction lances are essential for extracting chemicals from various containers. Grundfos offers a comprehensive range of rigid suction lances with or without level indication. These lances are installed at the lower end of the inlet hose and come with a strainer, non-return valve, a pipe connection set, and an adjustable tank connection.

Low-level and empty-tank indication RSLs also include a reed switch unit, cable with PE jacket, and an M 12 plug for seamless integration with DDA, DDE, or DME dosing pumps. The indicator for low-level and empty tank is factory set to normally open (NO). Turning the floaters upside down can set it to normally closed (NC).

Electrical data of the level indication:

• Maximum voltage: 48 V

• Maximum current: 0.5 A

• Maximum load: 10 VA

Accessories for Rigid Suction Lances (RSL)

Grundfos provides additional accessories for rigid suction lances, including adapters for containers. Adapters allow the installation of standard rigid suction lances (G 2” thread) on different types of containers.

Emission Protection Kits

Emission protection kits can be used to retrofit rigid suction lances to help prevent gas emissions, which may cause corrosion and foul odor. These kits prevent the escape of gas emitted by the liquid in the container, thus minimizing odor and corrosion-related issues. Two types of emission protection kits are available; users can choose from a kit with a snifting valve, which allows air to be drawn in without escaping from the container. Another option is an emission protection kit that uses a filter, gas can be drawn in and escape from the container. These can be connected to the filter with a 4/6 mm hose.

Emission protection kits include:

• Gasket for the tank adapter
• Gasket for the cable outlet
• Snifting valve or hose nipple 4/6 mm (hose is not

M 12-Plug-to-Flat-Plug Adapter

The adapter allows the connection of foot valves or rigid suction lances with level indication to pumps, with a level input designed for flat plugs (e.g., DMX and DMH with
AR control unit)

Level-Control Units

Grundfos offers level-control units suitable for dosing pumps with level-control input. These units help maintain optimal liquid levels and can be used for electric stirrer protection, overfill protection, or additional tank level indication.

The contact type of the reed switch unit comes with a factory set to NO, which can be set to NC by turning the floater(s).

Electrical data
• Maximum voltage: 48 V
• Maximum current: 0.5 A
• Maximum load: 10 VA.

Level control units include a reed switch unit, a clip for mounting, a cable gland for easy installation, and a cable with a PE jacket.

Level-Control Unit For Electric Stirrer Protection

For rigid suction lances on pumps up to 15.85 gph (60 l/h) or 121.5 gph (460 l/h), level-control units for electric agitator protection are used. They are attached to the rigid suction lances above the stirrer propeller at the required switch-off height.
Level-control units can also be used for overfill protection and as a secondary tank level indicator.

• Reed switch assembly with one floater
• 16-foot (5-meter) cable with a PE jacket and exposed wire ends
• Clip for diameters of 1.50 inches (40 millimeters) or 1.25 inches (32 millimeters)
• Cable gland for tank-top installation.

Flexible Level-Control Unit

The flexible level-control unit is compatible with dosing devices with a level-control input and features two level switches.

A versatile level-control unit consists of:

• a Reed switch unit with two floaters
• Weight that maintains the level-control unit in an upright position at the bottom of the tank
• PE cap, 2.28 inches (58 millimeters), for assembly in Grundfos cylindrical tanks or for use with tank adapters

Injection Units

Injection units are utilized to attach the dosing line to the process line, guaranteeing consistent and accurate dosing performance. They maintain a minimum counterpressure of 10.15 psi (0.7 bar) and prevent dosing medium backflow.

In general, they consist of:

• Injection conduit with a 120 mm (4.73) immersion depth. Versions of PP, PVC, and PVDF can be shortened.
• Spring loaded Non-return valve with 2.4610 (Alloy C-4) spring.
• Threaded pipe connection set, 3/4″ MNP.
• Pipe connection set (stainless steel): 3/4″ FNPT, internal thread, threaded, 3/4″ FNPT

Injection Units With Ball Valve

When the injection site must be closable, injection units with a ball valve are utilized. Between the injection conduit and the spring-loaded non-return valve is a ball valve. Consequently, the dosing line can be wholly separated from the process. The non-return valve can be dismantled and cleaned without having to halt the process or empty the process line.

Pressure Relief Valves (PRV)

Pressure relief valves safeguard pumps and outlet-side installations from excessive pressure. Every pressurized dispensing installation must be equipped with a pressure relief valve.

Using the two in-line connections, pressure-relief valves are installed in the pump’s outlet line. The side connection returns the liquid to the receptacle.

• The factory-set relief pressure is 145 psi (10 bar), which is adjustable from 44 psi (3 bar) to 145 psi (10 bar).
• Maximum operating pressure 145 psi (10 bar)

Back Pressure Valve (BPV)

Back pressure valves keep the dispensing pump’s counterpressure constant.

They are utilized for the following uses:

• Insufficient or nonexistent counterpressure
• Pressure fluctuations with outlet-side pulsation damper
• To avoid siphoning when the inlet pressure exceeds the counterpressure. In the outlet line, pressure loading valves are installed after the pressure relief valve and, if present, the pulsation damper.
• The opening pressure, which is variable between 43 psi (3 bar) and 145 psi (10 bar), is preset at 43 psi 3 (bar).
• Maximum operating pressure: 145 psi (10 bar)

Pressure-loading valves are not permitted for use as shut-off valves.

Pressure Valves (PV)

Pressure valves provide a constant counter pressure of 43 psi (3 bar). They are especially necessary for DDA-FCM pumps with extremely low flow rates.

Either directly on the pump discharge side or on the pressure relief valve, pressure valves are installed.

• Loading pressure: 43 kPa (3 bar), not adjustable

• Maximum system pressure: 145 psi (10 bar)Material of the spring: 2.4610 (Alloy C-4) • Connections are not included.

Multifunction Valves

Grundfos multi-function valves (MFVs) are integral components designed to enhance the functionality and reliability of dosing pumps. These innovative accessories merge the capabilities of both pressure relief and pressure loading valves, offering a versatile solution to manage and control pump pressure efficiently. What sets these valves apart is their ability to facilitate the deaeration of the pump, as well as the draining of the discharge line for routine maintenance or troubleshooting.

The ability to adjust both the loading and relief pressures adds a layer of customization, allowing users to tailor the pump’s operation to specific requirements. By mounting directly on the dosing pump, the multi-function valve ensures a compact and streamlined setup, minimizing the need for additional space and simplifying installation.

Pump connection kits and inlay kits

Retrofit pump connection kits and inlay kits for integrating Grundfos standard dosing pumps into installations with a variety of hose or pipe diameters.

The components of a pump connection kit are:

• 1 set of inlays

• 1 union nut

The inlay packages are utilized to connect pumps and accessories to non-Grundfos standard-sized pipes or hoses.

An inlay kit consists of two pairs of inlays.

Tank accessories

Adapter plates for tank mounting

• Constructed from black HD-PE with stainless steel fasteners and washers

Wall brackets

• For assembly of one of the pump types listed

• With mounting hardware for wall and pump installation

These are just a few examples of the extensive range of accessories available from Grundfos for their SMART Digital XL, digital dosing pumps, DDA & DDE pumps, and accessories. Grundfos is the largest pump manufacturer in the world, and its global facilities offer solutions for a wide variety of process applications.

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