Does Your Gear Pump Need a Flow Meter?

Does Your Gear Pump Need a Flow Meter?

Gear Pumps with Flow Meters

Metering pumps move a specific volume of liquid in a specified period of time, often giving users the impression that this provides an accurate amount of pumped volume. When using a gear pump, users can see improvements in accurate flow by using a flow meter.

Metering Pump Accuracy Depends on Several Factors

Metering pumps are traditionally thought to provide accurate volume pumping when a pump displacement will move a specific volume over a specific time frame, assuming the known delivered flow. A high level of accuracy is more difficult to achieve in actual practice. In gear-type metering pumps, a normal deviation could be considered 10 to 15%, although some metering pumps show greater than 50% deviation. The many changing process conditions could cause inaccuracies like this, which may include:

  • Gas entrapment
  • Component wear
  • Changes in temperature
  • Changes in back pressure

Any of these factors may cause inaccuracies in the expected amount of volume displacement from a rotary pump. Any of these changes in process conditions, depending on the severity, could cause quite significant errors that could lead to non-repeatability and inaccuracy.

Gear Pumps with Flow Meters Improve Precise Metering

Precision gear metering pumps are a subset of external gear pumps that provide reliable, pulse-free, and accurate metering performance in many fluid transfer conditions and applications. Many applications utilizing gear pumps are designed to simply transfer viscous fluids; others may require extremely tight tolerances, or accurate flows of precision metering is mandatory. These applications differ from other gear pump processes as minimizing any fluid slip internally is necessary for accurately measured amounts of fluid to be metered and transferred.

An experienced pump supplier like Illinois Process Equipment can help you to determine the best type of pump and metering solution for your process. Many applications realize significant benefits by using technology such as the SMART DDA Digital pump by Grundfos. Digital pump by Grundfos. Other processes that require higher dosing rates with steady flow metering may see advantages by adding a flow meter to their gear pump.

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, is a pump and process equipment specialist offering metering pump solutions. We can help to explain your options, design your process equipment system, and provide installation and testing to ensure accuracy in your fluid transfer application.

IPE Offers Metering Pump Solutions

IPE is a trusted Midwest pumping solutions provider, offering diaphragm metering pumps from the leading manufacturers such as Grundfos. We offer quality pump and process equipment coupled with comprehensive services to meet all your fluid transfer needs. Our technicians possess deep technical knowledge of metering pumps and process equipment solutions to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and safety.

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