Non-Metallic Magnetic Drive Pumps For Steel Pickling

Non-Metallic Magnetic Drive Pumps For Steel Pickling

The steel industry is a harsh environment where all equipment is exposed to intense heat and must operate reliably to prevent dangerous situations. Part of the steel finishing process includes pickling, which is a method of removing impurities from steel such as inorganic contaminants, scale, rust, stains, aluminum alloys, and copper. Pickle liquor is a solution that contains hot hydrochloric or sulfuric acid used to remove surface impurities from the steel. Pickling cleans and descales the steel in many steelmaking applications.

Nonmetallic magnetic drive pumps are ideal for steel pickling, plating, and etching due to their leak-free performance which is critical to maintaining safety when using such harsh chemicals.

Leak-Free Magnetic Drive Pumps Safely Handle Sodium Hypochlorite

An important type of sealless pumps are magnetic drive pumps, used in applications where leaks cannot be tolerated or for difficult to seal liquids. Magnetic drive pumps differ from traditional types of pumps because the driver, the electric motor, is coupled with magnetic means instead of using a direct mechanical shaft. Magnetic drive pumps are commonly used when any leakage of the liquid being pumped poses an extreme risk such as when pumping acids, corrosives, exotic materials, alkalis, toxics, pollutants, and risky or aggressive liquids. Liquids that tend to crystallize, such as salts, are also best handled with magnetic drive pumps.

Magnetic drive pumps are also used with hard to seal and ultrapure liquids. When using traditional sealed pumps for these types of processes, they can leak over time or they may require expensive, complex double seals to prevent harmful liquids from leaking. Leaking of harmful fluids can cause damage to the environment and the atmosphere, may lead to unexpected downtime, repair and maintenance issues, or dangerous safety hazards.

Magnetic drive pumps are ideal for processes like steel pickling, etching and plating to provide extremely safe pumping processes when dealing with hydrochloric and sulfuric acid. Nonmetallic magnetic drive pumps contain these acids without polluting the environment or creating a dangerous workplace situation. The plastic lining provides reliable, long-lasting performance and provides compatibility with chemicals inherently used in metal, cast iron or steel pumps.

Flowserve INNOMAG Magnetic Drive Pumps

Nonmetallic, magnetic drive pumps such as Flowserve Innomag pumpssafely handle pickle liquor in the steel and metal finishing industries. Corrosion-resistant ETFE polymer is rotomolded inside a ductile iron casing. The impeller and rear casing are also constructed of injection molded ETFE. A silicon carbide shaft, bushings, and wear rings offer excellent corrosion and wear resistance. Since there is no direct connection between the impeller and the electric motor shaft, there is no seal necessary in magnetic drive pumps. There is no risk of fluid leakage unless the pump containment shell (>3000 psig burst pressure) or static O-ring is damaged or broken.

The Flowserve Innomag TB-mag series employs a dynamic thrust balancing system that eliminates the need for thrust bearings. Pump reliability and longevity are increased over conventional net thrust forward designs. Pump efficiency is improved and operating costs reduced correspondingly. This is especially important in pickling applications where a change in flow, pressure, or viscosity occurs. Furthermore, the TB-mag is capable of handling solids in the liquid because the silicon carbide clearance rings prevent particles greater than 0.005” from entering the containment shell.

IPE Offers Mag Drive Pumping Solutions for the Steel Industry

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, offers pumping solutions with quality equipment including full system process equipment design, , installation and testing. We offer magnetic drive sealless pumps such as Flowserve INNOMAG available in various designs to meet specific chemical pumping requirements. The INNOMAG sealless magnetic drive pump provides pumping solutions for harsh chemicals, volatile liquids, slurries, and other industrial pumping processes.

IPE is a leading, trusted pump supplier serving the Chicagoland area with quality equipment and services. We differ from other pump suppliers in our technical expertise and commitment to providing customer solutions that improve overall operations and safety. Contact us with any questions on choosing the right pump for harsh chemicals such as magnetic drive pumps for steel pickling.