Sanitary Pumps and Process Equipment for Sanitary Applications

Sanitary Pumps and Process Equipment for Sanitary Applications


Process Equipment for Sanitary Applications

Sanitary pumps and processing equipment are used for a range of applications that require clean and sanitary processing or production of various products. Sanitary pumps utilize materials and internal surfaces that resist bacterial growth to prevent contamination of products. Sanitary processing equipment, including pumps, blenders, and mixers, are necessary for many applications in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, personal care, and biotech industries.

Many Types of Sanitary Pumps

Many types of pumps are used to move fluids and materials of various viscosities during sanitary processing applications.

Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps

Sanitary centrifugal pumps perform liquid product handling with reliability, safety, and efficiency for many applications including:

  • Food and beverage – bottled water, beer, wine, liquor, yeast, wort, mash, fruit concentrate, fruit juices, high fructose corn syrup, marinade solutions, and carbonated beverages
  • Dairy – milk, buttermilk, whey, ice cream, and creams
  • Oils – cooking oils, frying oils, salad oils
  • Confectionary – corn syrup, sugar solutions, candy, chocolate
  • Personal care and beauty products – aerosols, lotions, soaps, mouthwash, shampoo, cosmetics
  • Biotech and pharmaceuticals – intravenous fluids, injectables, water for injection.

Sanitary centrifugal pumps handle liquids for these applications to ensure seamless and smooth operation. Your pump and process equipment specialist can help you determine the best type of sanitary pump for your application, such as sanitary centrifugal pumps by Ampco.

Sanitary Positive Displacement Pumps

Positive displacement pumps are used for efficient and sanitary processing in a variety of sanitary applications. Quality, best-in-class positive displacement pumps provide efficient movement of fluids that range from water-like liquids and liquefied gases to medium and highly viscous fluids. PD pumps are used in many sanitary applications such as:

  • Beverages – fruit juices, fruit concentrate, wine, mash, and beer
  • Dairy – milk, butter, cream, ice cream, curds, margarine, yogurt, soft cheese
  • Bakery – yeast, Dell, oil, fats, icing, fruit filling
  • Canned foods – Baby food, pudding, jellies, jams, mayonnaise, relish, stews, tomatoes
  • Dressings – ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces
  • Confectionary – corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, cocoa butter, chocolate
  • Meats – gelatin, fats, sausage fillings, pet foods, broth
  • Flavorings – syrups and concentrates
  • Cosmetics – shampoos, lotions, emulsions, creams, toothpaste

Sanitary positive displacement pumps provide solutions to these applications and many others with pumps designed specifically for sanitary operations.

IPE Offers Sanitary Pump Solutions

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, offers pump and process equipment solutions, including sanitary pumps required for hygienic processes to many industries and applications. IPE differs from other pump suppliers with our level of technical expertise and responsiveness to our customers’ needs. We offer comprehensive pumping services, including process equipment system design and testing to ensure optimal operation.

IPE excels in providing high-quality pumps and turnkey industrial process equipment solutions focused on efficiency, safety, and enhancing profitability. We provide process equipment solutions that increase production output while reducing maintenance expenses and downtime. Contact us today to learn more about choosing the best sanitary pump for your sanitary applications.000