SMART Dosing and Disinfection Pump Solutions

SMART Dosing and Disinfection Pump Solutions

SMART Dosing and Disinfection Pump Solutions


The consistent and precise dosing of pharmaceutical agents during laboratory testing is critical for the development of new medications. Liquid pharmaceutical agents tested in laboratory subjects must be precise to determine the accurate influence of the agents and to reproduce consistent, precise dosing. One of the greatest obstacles to repeatability in pharmaceutical experiments is the lack of precision dosing.

Ultrapure Water Application Requirements

Cleaning and production processes in the pharmaceutical industry typically utilize ultrapure water (UPW) systems that require specific equipment and technologies designed to preserve the purity of materials. Flow measurement devices must be constructed with ultrapure materials to avoid contamination of any measured liquids to maintain sanitary, sterile process conditions.

UPW is used in biotechnology and pharmaceutical facilities as an ingredient in products, a diluent in multiple dose injections, and as a cleaning agent. Water utilized in these applications, including the preparation of pharmaceuticals and internal irrigation processes, must be free from viruses, microbes, and endotoxins. Precise dosing is critical in all pharmaceutical testing and manufacturing as well as ultrapure water application needs.

Flow Meters for Dosing of Pharmaceutical Agents

Oftentimes, many metering applications are handled with diaphragm metering pumps that do not require flow meters, higher dosing rates, however, and steady flow metering requirements are usually better handled with gear pumps and flow meters. Incorporating flowmeters with gear pump sensors provides precise dosing, enhanced reproducibility and reliability, accurate dosing for small rates of liquid, stable temperatures, and low pulsation when pumping.

Flow meters with gear pumps promote precise dosing and ultralow flows of a pharmaceutical agent, with the flow meter controlling the pump and the pump delivering the desired flow. Mass flow meters measure liquid flow in real-time and adjust the flow to control the pump.

Reduced Pulsation with Exact Control

Reduced pulsation is important to not harm any tissue from the species and can be significantly reduced with the use of a pulsation damper. An experienced pump and process equipment supplier can help you determine the best type of pump and process equipment pumping solutions to reduce pulsation and maintain stable temperature of pharmaceutical agents.

Reduce Maintenance and Downtime

Easy-to-clean pumps and equipment provide many advantages, particularly when pharmaceutical agents contain high salt concentrations. Flowmeters with gear pumps improve exact control with precise dosing as well as reduced maintenance and downtime.

Precise Metering with Gear Pumps and Flowmeters

Gear pumps with flow meters provide accurate, reliable, and pulse-free metering in many fluid transfer applications, including pharmaceutical testing and manufacturing. Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, is a leading supplier of quality pumps and process equipment, offering comprehensive, value-added services and solutions to meet all your fluid transfer needs.

We ensure precise dosing for critical applications that require tight tolerances, accurate flows, and precision metering. We offer quality pumps from the top brands and manufacturers in the industry coupled with fast market expertise from pump specialists with decades of experience.

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, is a leading pump and process equipment supplier offering fluid transfer solutions to a broad range of industries and applications. We improve your overall pumping process and product quality with quality pumps and services, including full system design, installation, setup, and testing. Contact us to learn more about improving precision metering and dosing in pharmaceutical applications.