Pumping Sodium Hypochlorite: Chemical Dosing Solutions

Pumping Sodium Hypochlorite: Chemical Dosing Solutions

Sodium hypochlorite, also known as liquid bleach, remains the number one water disinfectant.  The main concern when sodium hypochlorite is used is ensuring that there are no leaks which can risk dangerous skin exposure. Another concern is the propensity of sodium hypochlorite to cause off-gassing when being pumped.

Challenges When Pumping Sodium Hypochlorite

chemical dosing of sodium hypochloriteWater disinfection processing applications with chemical dosing of sodium hypochlorite cause frequent frustration for operators due to gas bubbles and loss of prime.  The operation of a dosing pump will suffer when off-gassing occurs due to the creation of air binding causing a loss of prime. This negatively affects the reliability and efficiency of metering pumps and results in cmpromised chemical dosing operations.

Tips for System Configuration to Prevent Off-Gassing

When designing a pump process system where sodium hypochlorite is used, the best configuration should include an arrangement with a short, flooded suction pipe for the metering pump, sloping downward from the storage tank to the pump. This allows for gas bubbles to travel back to the storage tank, instead of towards the head of the metering pump. With this system design, the metering pump should not be top-mounted although that might be possible only in applications with a very low concentration of sodium hypochlorite. 

Another important design consideration is to position the feed tank of sodium hypochlorite out of the path of direct sunlight. Higher temperatures resulting from direct sunlight increase the volume and the rate of off-gassing.

Processes which include pumping sodium hypochlorite and related end products must choose the best pumping technology available. Selecting the best pumps is crucial with the many negative effects caused by off gassing in sodium hypochlorite dosing operations.


Grundfos Metering Pumps Provide Smart Digital Dosing

 Grundfos SMART Digital dosing pumps lead the industry with accurate and reliable chemical dosing solutions when pumping sodium hypochlorite. Liquid bleach feed processes benefit from the optimum performance of Grundfos SMART Digital dosing technology by solving off-gassing problems and preventing vapor locking. By using a stepper motor, the dosed volume is altered by the discharge stroke speed while utilizing 100% of the stroke length. AutoFlowAdapt technology provides consistent, accurate dosing with a sensor that determines the amount of air and liquid in the head to automatically adjust the speed.

The SMART digital technology provides maximum accuracy in dosing and better handling of liquids that tend to off-gas like sodium hypochlorite (liquid bleach).

SMART Digital dosing technology features the following product highlights:

SMART Digital DDA, DDC, DDE – user-friendly dosing pumps provide industry-leading accuracy with use of a stepper motor and advanced control options.

Pumps – hydraulic pumps for demanding, high-pressure, robust applications ensure precise feed with long life.

Multifunction Valves – pressure relief, regulation, and easy priming in an all-in-one solution.

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, offers Grundfos SMART Digital dosing pumps for chemical dosing applications along with full service and support. IPE is your premier trusted Midwest supplier of pump processing equipment and full system solutions.

 IPE offers pumps and process system design for chemical dosing applications and industrial water treatment processes across a broad range of applications. We offer the full Grundfos product line along with specialized pump services including design, installation and testing with a commitment to improving your overall process. Contact us 0to speak with a technical expert to learn about the many benefits of Grundfos SMART Digital dosing solutions for pumping sodium hypochlorite or any hazardous fluid.