Grundfos MTS140-80 R46-D8.6-H positive displaement

Grundfos MTS140-80 R46-D8.6-H positive displaement

Grundfos MTS Machine Tool Pump

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Manufacturer/Brand: Grundfos


MTS screw pumps are designed for mounting on top of tanks with the pump unit
immersed in the liquid to be pumped. The pumps consist of two main components:
The motor and the pump unit.

  • Compact, tank top design
  • Easy installation
  • Flexible immersible length
  •  Broad product range
  • Wide performance range
  • 50 Hz and/or 60 Hz operation
  • Stainless steel parts, tailored to
    the application
  • Motors for every need
  • High efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Service-friendly

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