Peerless 8796

Peerless 8796

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Manufacturer/Brand: Peerless


The Peerless 8796 is a self-priming pump with suction lift up to 20 feet. The power end is interchangeable with the Peerless 8196 power end. The two-piece casing allows for quick replacement of the inner volute and the impeller is also available as keyed & bolted to prevent impeller from unthreading.


Capacities Up to 700 GPM

Head Up to 400 feet

Pressure Up to 375 psi

Horsepower Up to 40 hp

Temperature Up to 500°F

Drives Motors

Liquids Clean liquid sumps, chemical and petroleum transfers

Materials Ductile iron, 316SS, CD4MCu, Alloy 20


  • Special self-priming casing design permits the 8796 pumps to maintain a prime and to expel any air in the suctioned liquid via the self-venting top centerline discharge.
  • The unique two-piece pull-apart casing allows for quick replacement of the inner volute. The inner volute itself can be provided in a variety of wear-resistant materials, such as CD4MCu.
  • Impellers are a fully open design that resists clogging. Shear is reduced, resulting in lower losses when pumping viscous fluids. All impellers are also available in an optional keyed and bolted design.
  • The bearing frame is coated internally to ensure zero contamination of the oil or bearings from the inside.
  • The VBXD labyrinth oil seal by Inpro, designed especially for Peerless Pump, provides both static and dynamic sealing to protect bearings from environmental contamination.
  • All bearing fits are precision-bored, and all bearings meet or exceed the minimum ANSI L10 life of 17,500 hours.
  • The shaft is available in solid shaft construction or with a sleeve. The threaded area of the shaft is protected against corrosion with an O-ring seal on the impeller.
  • Integral back pump-out vanes reduce stuffing box pressure, prolonging mechanical seal or packing life.

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