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Peerless Pump utilizes nearly 100 years of quality engineering experience to design and manufacture tough, reliable and versatile products to meet your pumping needs. We deliver products that offer variety, durability and innovative solutions to meet the demands of your market.

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Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, offers the complete process pump product line from Peerless Pumps, including all LaBour Taber process pumps. IPE helps you choose the right type of Peerless process pump for your application as well as design, install and test your process.

Peerless and LaBour Taber Pumps

Peerless and LaBour Taber process pumps provide versatile pumping solutions to many industries and applications. Peerless pumps are available in many types including:

  • Vertical sump pumps
  • Horizontal pumps
  • Chemical sump pumps
  • Versatile chemical process pumps
  • ANSI pumps
  • Self-priming pumps
  • Paper stock pumps
  • Multi-stage pumps
  • IPE offers the tough and versatile pumping solutions provided by Peerless and LaBour Taber, designed with heavy-duty construction, quality, and innovative engineering. IPE is set apart from other process equipment suppliers with our deep technical knowledge, market expertise, and commitment to our customers. IPE offers these quality Peerless pumps and more, if you do not see the type of pump you are looking for, please contact us.

    Peerless Pump Applications

    IPE offers a wide variety of Peerless and LaBour Taber process pump types to meet the needs of many fluid transfer applications including:

    • Agriculture
    • Irrigation
    • Industrial water supply
    • Municipal water supply
    • Chemical transfer
    • Pulp and paper
    • Molten liquids
    • Peerless industrial process pumps provide solutions to a broad range of industrial process applications. IPE is your one source for the full Peerless pump and LaBour Taber process pump product line combined with pump process services and solutions.

      LaBour Taber pumps are known to support many applications with pumping solutions including:

      • Hydrochloric Acid Pumps
      • Molten Caustic Pumps
      • Molten Lead Pumps
      • Molten Sulfur
      • Phosphoric Acid Pumps
      • Sulfuric Acid Pumps
      • Tanker Unloading
      • Black Liquor
      • Liquids with Entrained Air
      • IPE Peerless Pump Solutions

        Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, is a recognized leader in the industrial marketplace providing high-quality process pumps and services. We provide fully integrated, customized solutions that improve productivity for increased profitability. We provide efficient pumping solutions that optimize your fluid transfer process for cost savings and lower maintenance time and expense.

        IPE offers a wide selection of quality pumps from the top manufacturers coupled with complete industrial process solutions. Our highly experienced team of process pump specialists are uniquely qualified to analyze, optimize, and fulfill your process pumping requirements. Contact us with any questions and to find the best process pump equipment including Peerless and LaBour Taber process pumps.
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