Peerless 8196

Peerless 8196

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Manufacturer/Brand: Peerless



  • The 8196 casing has a fully contained gasket and is a self-venting, top centerline discharge. There are optional Class 150 lb. RF and Class 300 lb. FF and RF flanges in addition to the regular Class 150 lb. FF flanges. Casing drains are included with all 316SS and ductile iron casings.
  • For MTP frame sizes 34-13 and 46-13 as well as all XLTP frame sizes, a Casing Wear Extender is an optional accessory. Wear-resistant materials, such as CD4MCu, can be used for the Casing Wear Extender.
  • The fully open design of the impeller considerably lowers clogging. Integral back pump-out vanes lower the pressure in the stuffing box, extending the lifespan of the mechanical seal. To achieve great efficiency and low NPSH, the impeller and casing are perfectly matched. The threaded area is protected from corrosion because of an O-ring seal. An optional keyed and bolted configuration is offered for all impellers.
  • For a few sizes of STP frame pumps, a low-flow impeller is offered. For applications operating far to the left of the best efficiency point (BEP) of the normal pump, this low-flow impeller aids in extending MTBF.
  • A heavy-duty cast-iron (or ductile iron on STP frame sizes) bearing frame is constructed for the power end. It is built with an expanded oil reservoir for enhanced heat dissipation and a bullseye sight glass for simple oil level monitoring. To prevent any internal contamination of the oil or bearings, the bearing frame is covered.
  • By leveraging contact technology, the VBXD labyrinth oil seal by Inpro, created exclusively for Peerless Pump, offers both static and dynamic sealing to effectively protect the bearings from outside pollution.
  • Additionally, every bearing frame has pre-drilled bosses for vibration and/or temperature monitoring equipment.
  • Precision-bored bearing fittings are used, and all bearings have a minimum ANSI L10 life of 17,500 hours or more.
  • The shaft can be purchased with a sleeve or without one.


Capacities Up to 4,500 GPM

Head Up to 730 feet

Pressure Up to 375 psi

Horsepower Up to 300 hp

Temperature Up to 500°F (260°C)

Drives Motors, engines, steam turbines

Liquids Chemical, pulp and paper, all process

Materials Ductile iron, 316SS, CD4MCuN

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