Why Use a Powder Transfer Pump?

Why Use a Powder Transfer Pump?

 Powder Transfer Pump

Many industrial processes require the transfer of powder materials such as in plastics processing, chemical processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, or food and beverage processes for example. There are various methods companies use to transfer powder materials, such as physical labor manually transferring these materials in buckets or containers, using powder augers, screw feeders, and mechanical or pneumatic conveyors.

Air-operated diaphragm (AODD) powder transfer pumps operate somewhat like a portable vacuum cleaner with a vacuum hose sucking in and a discharge hose expelling powder out at the same time. AODD pumps for powder transfer can improve safety and provide many cost-saving efficiencies.

Advantages of Powder Transfer Pumps

AODD powder transfer pumps provide many advantages over other powder transfer methods, with a long list of operational benefits including:

  • Economical – AODD pumps can be economical to purchase, operate, and maintain.
  • Portable – they do not have to be fixed in place to operate and provide completely portable pumping solutions.
  • Easy setup – AODD pumps for powder transfer are easy to transport and set up in any work environment.
  • Clean and safe – they prevent airborne dust and particle contamination from being released into the atmosphere.
  • Effective replacement for manual transfer systems – reduces manual labor with no heavy lifting and physical transport required

AODD pumps deliver value with reliable pumping and many features such as:

  • Shear-free operation – they are gentle on the product with low velocity and shear-free operation.
  • Fully pneumatic – (completely non-electrical) powered by a compressed air supply and considered inherently safe.
  • Can run empty without damaging the pump
  • Variable flow rate capability
  • Self-priming
  • Compact and robust
  • Reduced stalling
  • Heat resistant

To achieve maximum benefit and operate correctly, the powder must be fine-grained, completely dry, and free-flowing with low bulk density. The powder must be able to fluidize in the pump, with the flow rate and conveyance distance determined by the powder type, weight, bulk density, shape, and size. A pump and process equipment specialist can assist with the installation of the right type of pumps and testing the process with onsite trial runs to determine pumpability and achievable flow rates.

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, offers AODD powder pumping solutions with the full IwakiAir pump product line. Iwaki AODD pumps are designed for easy installation, operation, and maintenance. IwakiAir AODD pumps handle many types of materials and fluids with a long list of engineering features. These pumps are manufactured with quality components and designed for power.

AODD Pump Supplier

IPE is a leading pump supplier offering quality IwakiAir AODD pumps for high performance in your material transfer processes. We offer specialty pumps and comprehensive services, with technical expertise that sets us apart from other pump suppliers. Our pump and process equipment engineers provide full system design, installation, testing, and services, helping you achieve maximum efficiency in your pumping operation.

IPE provides turnkey pumping solutions with quality pumps from the best brands like IwakiAir. We offer energy audits and custom maintenance programs to provide optimum efficiency in your pumping process. Contact us with any questions and to learn more about IwakiAir AODD pumps for powder transfer or other fluid transfer processes.