Why Sealless Pumps Might Be the Way To Go

Why Sealless Pumps Might Be the Way To Go

Sealless PumpsSealless, magnetic drive pumps offer many benefits over sealed, traditional pumps even those with costly and complex seal support systems. These traditional, sealed pumps can often experience leaks which can be a serious safety concern in many applications as well as causing costly repairs and cleanup efforts. In many applications, sealless pumps are replacing traditional pumps to provide leak free pumping solutions which provide many benefits to the process as well as overall business operations. 

Benefits of Sealless Pumps

A sealless pump is essentially a centrifugal, conventional pump without the seals. A static containment shell replaces the seal to form a completely sealed end or pressure boundary. There are many reasons why companies should choose to use a sealless pump over traditional, sealed pumps, with some of the top considerations being:

  • Fewer working parts
  • Easier and less costly to maintain
  • Elimination of leaks
  • Easy installation
With simpler maintenance, the total lifecycle cost is significantly less than maintaining mechanically sealed pumps. There are no potential leak paths thus safety is drastically improved which is critical when pumping caustic, flammable, or toxic fluids.

Who Benefits from Sealless Pumps? 

The leak free performance and simple maintenance of sealless, magnetic drive pumps provides many benefits to a wide range of pumping applications. These are most noticeable in applications such as the oil, chemical, gas production, petroleum, and pharmaceutical processes as well as general applications which involve the use of aggressive, corrosive, fine, or toxic liquids.

Sealless magnetic pumps deliver dependable, reliable performance required in these industrial applications for process safety as well as safety and environmental regulation requirements.

Why You Should Choose a Sealless Pump 

The benefits listed above achieved in many pumping applications provide ample reason to choose a sealless magnetic drive pump. Some of the most important considerations leading to choosing a sealless pump include:

Savings – sealless pumps save time and money throughout their lifetime which provide significant cost savings. With sealless pumps, less time is required for maintenance, there is no cleanup of potential spills and they operate with long-lasting performance.

Safety – safety is the number one concern when pumping harmful, caustic fluids. These fluids are completely contained within the body of the sealless pump significantly improving safety and corporate responsibility.

Less maintenance and skilled labor – the simplicity and fewer parts of the sealless pumps require less maintenance and less skilled labor, reducing plant labor expenses. 

Sealless standards – sealless pumps utilize technology that can meet relevant international standards such as ISO, ANSI, ASME, and API.

Sealless Pump Solutions

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, offers a variety of pumps and process equipment including sealless centrifugal and gear pumps. We offer magnetic drive pumps from the top manufacturers such as Grundfos, Flowserve Innomag, Pulsafeeder featuring Isochem and Eclipse brands and more. We offer sealless pump solutions in metallic or nonmetallic materials and assist our customers with process equipment system design, installation, and testing.

IPE is a leading pump and process equipment supplier providing pumping solutions to a wide range of industries and applications. We differ from other pump suppliers in our technical expertise and responsiveness to our customer needs. Contact us to learn more about safeguarding your pumping operation with sealless magnetic drive pumps.