The Age Of Sealless Pumps

The Age Of Sealless Pumps

Magnetic drive, sealless pumps, are an engineering revolution to the process equipment industry and offer many benefits over traditional, sealed pumps including costly and complex seal support systems. Traditional pumps which rely on seals come with an inherent risk of leaks and require regular maintenance to maintain integrity of your fluid transfer product and process. Sealless pumps are becoming the first choice to provide safe and efficient pumping solutions in many applications and provide many additional benefits. 

What Is a Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump?

A sealless magnetic drive pump is essentially a centrifugal pump without the seals. Instead of a seal, it is replaced with a static containment shell that forms a completely sealed boundary. Sealless mag drive pumps provide many benefits to applications that involve toxic, caustic, corrosive, flammable and hazardous liquids and acids.  These leakfree pumps aid industrial processing applications such as in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, and steel-making processes.



The Many Benefits of a Sealless Mag Drive Pump 

Sealless pumps provide reliable performance, safety, and efficiency in many applications. Here are some of the top benefits achieved when choosing a sealless mag drive pump:

  • Safety – safety is the number one concern in applications involving toxic or flammable fluid processing. Sealless pumps significantly improve safety and prevent risk of environmental contamination. Taking steps to improve employee safety improves morale and helps to maintain corporate responsibility. 
  • Cost savings – since magnetic drive pumps do not have seals that wear out they require less maintenance than traditional pumps. This saves money and maintenance repair costs as well as technician’s labor expenses over the life of the pump.
  • Easier to maintain – because sealless pumps have fewer working parts they are easier to maintain. Installation and maintenance are both simpler than traditional pumps which reduces labor expenses and the requirement for specialist skills. This significantly reduces the life costs of sealless pumps over mechanically sealed pumps.

Magnetic drive pumps provide leakfree performance to deliver these many benefits over mechanically sealed pumps. Improved safety and a cleaner environment make leakfree magnetic drive pumps a suitable alternative in many fluid transfer applications.

Quality Magnetic Drive Pumps from IPE

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, offers leakfree magnetic drive pumps from the top manufacturers in the industry such as Grundfos, Pulsafeeder, Flowserve Innomag and others. We offer high-quality processing equipment combined with the technical expertise and service that sets us apart from other pump suppliers. IPE provides full process equipment system design, installation, testing, and repair.

We help to improve the safety and efficiency of your fluid transfer application, resulting in improved productivity and profitability. Operating sealless pumps without fluid can cause damage from dry running conditions. We provide dry run monitoring which protects your pump against damage from changes in flow, viscosity, dry running conditions or clogging.

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, is a leading Midwest supplier of high-quality pumps and process equipment providing full pumping solutions. We offer turnkey industrial pumping solutions including full system design, installation, testing and repair. Contact us to learn more about choosing the right pump for your system and when a sealless magnetic drive pump is right for your process.