Protect Your Pump Motor with Grundfos MP204

Protect Your Pump Motor with Grundfos MP204


Grundfos is the largest supplier of pumps worldwide and offers a wide range of quality pumps, pump monitoring, and protection equipment. The Grundfos MP 204 provides state-of-the-art electronic motor protection for asynchronous motors and can be installed on both single and three-phase motors. The MP 204 unit includes a control panel containing all buttons for operation with an easy to read display and an enclosure with all instrument transformers.

The MP 204 protects the motor against voltage and current irregularities, earth leakage, dry running, and high internal motor power and temperature factors. Harmonic distortion is also monitored as well as start and run capacities when utilized with a single phase motor, or can also be connected to a PTC external thermal cutout switch.

Motor protection is provided primarily by the MP 204 performing true RMS measurement of the motor current. If the current exceeds the present value, for example, the MP 204 will disconnect the contactor. This pump protector provides important features such as:

  • Provides warning for conditions of overload, underload (dry running), over and under voltage, low power factor, high temperatures, harmonic distortion, phase sequence, missing phase, and low capacitance (single phase).
  • Trips the system when a condition is present such as wrong phase sequence, under and over voltage, missing phase, low power factor, supply failure, or when current unbalance is detected.

This protection system can be used to monitor and protect motors, pumps, cables, cable joints, and machines. Users enjoy simple installation with the system capable of mounting on any backplate or wall or it can be slid into place on a mounting rail. The constant monitoring of energy consumption provides energy-efficient information to determine pump running expenses. Users can also enjoy remote access, as the MP 204 can be connected to any SCADA system.

Where the MP 204 Protection System Adds Value

The Grundfos MP 204 protection system is suitable for operation in many market applications including:

  • Pressure boosting
  • Boiler feed
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Industrial process
  • Drip irrigation and micro spray
  • Controls and groundwater management
  • Agricultural groundwater
  • Agricultural solar solutions
  • Chemigation and fertigation
  • Frost protection
  • Solar boosting and water supply solutions
  • Municipal solar solutions
  • Livestock watering with solar solutions

Working with an experienced pump supplier can help you to understand if Grundfos pumping solutions and the MP 204 will add value to your process.

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