Predictive Maintenance for Pump Systems

Predictive Maintenance for Pump Systems

Pump Systems

Pump managers interested in protecting their investment realize the benefits that power sensing provides to cost-efficient pumping system management. Power sensing provides quick, maintenance-free, and economic feedback on pump equipment status and operations.

Pump Monitoring: Proactive, Predictive Maintenance

Well-maintained and managed pumps contribute to an efficient manufacturing operation with a long, useful life. Even well-maintained pumps and process equipment can incur issues due to unforeseen events, and pump condition monitoring helps companies to avoid downtime, and costly repairs, replacement, or cleanup efforts.

Power monitoring provides insight into any alterations that occur with the pump workload and can trigger a pump shutdown prior to causing damage, such as spillage, impeller breakage, or overheating. These pump predictive maintenance tools alert users of potential problems such as dry-running or changes to viscosity. Pump condition and power monitoring provide valuable insight into the most effective and efficient maintenance needs.

Proactive, predictive maintenance with pump power and condition monitoring provides short-term payback and long-term cost savings combined with efficient process optimization. Power measurement of running pumps plays a critical role in achieving success in all of these areas and should be one of the most important factors when designing pumping systems.


Benefits of Pump Power Monitoring

Two of the most important benefits of pump power monitoring include the ability to track power consumption and improve predictive maintenance programs. These are two of the most expensive areas of pump ownership and operation. Pump operators have access to important insights regarding looming maintenance issues in pump operation efficiency over time. By monitoring and reporting this data, operators can be alerted to concerns such as shaft misalignment, wear of bearings, and potential increased energy expenses.

Power Monitoring for Centrifugal Pumps

Power monitoring on centrifugal pumps protects against dry running and deadhead conditions both when users set a minimum horsepower, HP, and Low Trip point above deadhead conditions. Setting a high trip above the maximum flow condition on the upper end can alert users to problems with motor bearings and protect pump equipment. Process changes, including an increase in the viscosity of the material being pumped, can affect the pump HP level proportionately.

Pump Monitoring of Positive Displacement Pumps

Power monitoring on positive displacement pumps can alert users to issues such as a blocked outlet, which will cause an increase in pressure and horsepower. When the discharge valve closes, HP increases, and it drops down again when the valve opens. When the flow is lost, however, the motor will go unloaded, and HP will drop to an idle condition until trouble occurs with the pump overheating.

Predictive, Reactive, And Preventive Maintenance

A goal of predictive maintenance is to reduce the frequency or prevent unplanned, reactive maintenance without performing excessive, costly preventive maintenance.

Predictive pump maintenance uses real-time and historical data from pump process equipment to anticipate problems before they occur. Real-time asset condition monitoring and analysis help companies to experience many benefits. Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, offers comprehensive pump and process equipment services, including Grundfos Machine Health pump monitoring solutions.

IPE is a premier distributor for Grundfos pumps, offering quality pumps and services, including the installation of Grundfos machine health. Our customers typically experience significant benefits such as a 45% increase in equipment uptime, 75% fewer breakdowns, 30% lower maintenance expenses, and a 20% reduction in energy consumption.

IPE is a leading Midwest pump and process equipment supplier offering only quality equipment from the top pump brands. We differ from other pump suppliers in our technical expertise and comprehensive services, including full system design, installation, and testing. Contact us with any questions and to learn more about the importance of pump power and condition monitoring.