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Eclipse Rotary Gear Pumps are suitable for both transfer and metering applications in water treatment and chemical processing, NSF/ANSI 61 Eclipse sealless gear pumps can handle a wide range of volume flows, connection sizes, fluid viscosities and temperatures.

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Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, offers Pulsafeeder Eclipse Rotary Gear Pump with mag drive seals for leak-free performance. Eclipse pumps are ideal in many fluid transfer applications with versatility, high-quality and long-lasting performance.

Pulsafeeder Eclipse Rotary Gear Pump

Pulsafeeder Eclipse Rotary gear pumps are suitable for both metering and transfer applications in chemical processing and water treatment. Their versatility makes them ideal when handling a wide range of fluid viscosities, volume flows, temperatures, and connection sizes. Eclipse gear pumps are available in 316 SS or PVDF to provide corrosion resistance against various chemicals such as solvents, acids, caustics, polymers, scale inhibitors, and flocculants.

The magnetically driven Eclipse sealless gear pump provides zero leaks to eliminate exposure to harsh chemicals, protecting employees and equipment in many industrial applications.

Eclipse Rotary Gear Pump Applications

The Eclipse design delivers simple maintenance, which minimizes downtime, providing dependable operation. A specially constructed Hypo pump is designed for long-term use in sodium hypochlorite (bleach) applications where off-gassing tends to vapor lock other pump designs.

The Eclipse pump is ideal in applications where a metering accuracy of +/- 2% is sufficient, with the closed-loop system providing an accuracy of 1% or more. The Pulsafeeder Eclipse Rotary gear pump is an affordable alternative for diaphragm pumps.

Eclipse Rotary Gear Pumps from IPE

The pump process equipment specialists at IPE will help you evaluate all features of the Eclipse Rotary gear pump to optimize your process. We provide pumping solutions that improve your application safety and efficiency for maximum performance coupled with cost savings. The pump and process equipment specialists at IPE excel in customizing your process equipment system with the most cost-efficient pumping solutions.

IPE is recognized as a leading Midwest pumping solution and process equipment supplier. We offer high-quality pumps from the top manufacturers coupled with experienced service, including installation and testing. Contact us to learn more about Pulsafeeder pumps, including the Eclipse Rotary gear pump.
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