T51 • E51 Series Regenerative Turbine Pumps

T51 • E51 Series Regenerative Turbine Pumps

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Manufacturer/Brand: MTH Pumps


For low flow (2 to 40 GPM) clean fluid applications requiring moderate to high pressures (heads to 700 feet), close-coupled and pedestal mounted regenerative turbine pumps represent the most cost-effective, high performance alternative. The T51/E51 Series pumps deliver high efficiency operating, even at low NPSH, by fusing the newest ideas in regenerative turbine pump design with precision computer controlled production. Effective production procedures and highly optimized pump designs keep costs under control. By using high quality components that have a long lifespan and a readily serviced design, maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum.


  • Capacities to 40 GPM (120 LPM)
  • Heads to 700 Feet (213 Meters)
  • Low NPSH Requirements

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