MP 204 Motor Protector

MP 204 Motor Protector

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An electronic control device called the motor protector MP 204 is created for monitoring and safeguarding machines, cables, and cable couplings.

The MP 204 protects against:

  • Overload
  • Dry running in pumping systems
  • Incipient motor defect
  • Too high motor temperatures
  • Supply failure

Monitors the following parameters:

  • System insulation resistance to earth before start
  • Motor temperature- only possible if the motor is fitted with an operation Tempcon temperature transmitter, a Pt100/Pt1000 pr PTC sensor.
  • Current consumption of unbalance
  • Supply voltage
  • Phase sequence
  • Missing phase


Range of ambient temperature: -4 – 140 °F

Range of rated current: 3-120A

Electrical data

Main frequency: 50/60 Hz

Rated voltage: 1/3 x 100-480 V

Enclosure class (IEC 34-5) IP20

Relay: 400VAC, 2A, AC15 / 24VDC, 2A, DC13, L/R=40ms

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