What are the Advantages of an Air-operated Diaphragm Pump?

What are the Advantages of an Air-operated Diaphragm Pump?

Air-operated diaphragm (AOD or AODD) pumps, part of the positive displacement family, are used in a wide range of pumping applications and are popular for high viscosity fluids such as resins, oils and paints.  Available in a wide range of body and diaphragm materials, AOD pumps are known for offering years of reliable, efficient use.  AOD pumps provide many benefits when handling light viscosity fluids to viscous, sticky fluids and corrosive chemicals.

Some of the most important advantages of a double diaphragm pump include:

  1. Self-priming – diaphragm pumps exhibit some of the strongest lift capabilities with great suction lift even with heavier fluids.
  2. Handles various fluids with high solid content – handle both abrasive and caustic fluids with a wide range of viscosity.  Diaphragm pumps are some of the most versatile available with no rotating parts to make it easier to pump liquids with a percentage of solids.
  3. Variable flow rate and discharge pressure – diaphragm pumps will run anywhere within their operating range with easy adjustment to the liquid discharge and air inlet pressure settings.  They are flexible with one pump meeting broad applications.
  4. No mechanical motors, couplings or seals – this eliminates much of the leaking and maintenance that is associated with other types of pumps.
  5. Pumping efficiency remains constant – without gears, rotors, or pistons to wear over time the pumping efficiency remains constant without gradual decline due to worn parts.
  6. High pressure capabilities – a 2:1 diaphragm pump has excellent capabilities of producing high discharge pressure.
  7. Shear sensitivity – diaphragm pumps will handle fluids without transferring heat to the fluid making them an excellent choice for shear sensitive fluids like ink or wine.
  8. No bypass or pressure relief needed – since the discharge pressure cannot exceed air pressure or the pump will stop, there is no need for a pressure relief at the pump.  This can save on installation costs and help to prevent operational problems.
  9. Do not overheat – since the source of power for diaphragm pumps is typically compressed and filtered air, clean dry air or nitrogen, these types of pumps cool themselves during operation and will not overheat.
  10. Simple installation – air diaphragm pumps are simple to connect just by connecting the air supply line and the liquid lines.  They are easy to install without complex controls, motors or fittings.
  11. Easy to maintain – air diaphragm pumps are easy to install and easy to maintain without complex moving parts.  This saves time and money with less maintenance.

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