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Prosser portable electric submersible dewatering pump are designed for the removal of unwanted water. The slim design allows the pump to fit where other pumps can’t, including dewatering wells. Prosser Standard Line dewatering pumps offer high head or high volume performance and are available in over 100 outstanding models.

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  • Prosser Standard-Line Submersible Dewatering Pump

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, offers Prosser portable, submersible pumps by Crane Co., used for dewatering and removing unwanted water. Crane Co. has been supporting American Industry since 1855, manufacturing pumps and systems for effective and innovative fluid transfer in commercial and industrial markets.

Prosser Pumps

Prosser pumps are ideal for removing unwanted water with a slim design that can fit in places that other pumps cannot, making them an ideal solution for the dewatering of wells. The Prosser standard line of dewatering pumps provides high volume performance and are available in more than one hundred models. View the Prosser Product Selection Guide or contact the process equipment specialists at IPE for assistance.

We can help you choose the right Prosser pump series with the correct specifications, such as the size of NPT, capacity, max head length, electrical specifications, and dimensions. Prosser submersible pumps provide cost-effective, efficient, and reliable dewatering with many high-head, high models available. Prosser pumps provide many benefits with key characteristics such as:

  • A slim design to pump water where other pumps cannot fit
  • No priming required, ready to go when submerged
  • Lightweight design allows for easy portability
  • Prosser pumps operate in any position
  • In-line suction and discharge provide versatility in various job sites
  • In-line design provides a cool running motor

IPE can help you choose the right model of Prosser pump for your application with the specifications and features required to optimize your process, including liquid level and watertight control. Our pump specialists help you choose the right type of Prosser submersible pump as well as design, install and test your process.

Prosser Pump Applications

Prosser submersible pumps often provide the best pumping solution for many applications across broad industries and markets. Prosser pumps provide dewatering solutions to the following operations and more:

  • Dewatering
  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Industrial
  • Municipalities
  • Water treatment
  • Waterscapes
  • Landfill pollution control
  • Drainage water transfer

Prosser pumps provide water removal solutions to these operations and many others. Contact the pump and process equipment specialists at IPE for solutions to your dewatering operation.

IPE Prosser Pump Solutions

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, is your trusted Midwest pump and process equipment supplier offering high-quality pumping systems from the top manufacturers including Crane Prosser pumps. IPE offers customized, fully integrated pumping solutions that optimize your overall process for increased efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

IPE offers a wide selection of process pumps and equipment to meet the needs of many water and fluid transfer applications. We offer in-depth equipment and market expertise to design, install, fully implement, and test your pumping application. Contact us with any questions and for more information on Crane pumps, including Prosser submersible pumps.
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