Primary Metals and Steel Industry Pumping Solutions

Primary Metals and Steel Industry Pumping Solutions

Primary Metals and Steel Industry PumpS

The steel and iron industries are the backbone of the economy and modern civilization for many reasons. Steel is required for machinery in every type of industry and for the engineering and manufacturing of defense goods. Working with primary metals is a demanding process that requires a variety of durable pump types and process equipment. Pumps used in the steel industry must tolerate extremely high heat, high-pressure and operate with precision and safety.

Demanding Steel Production and Primary Metal Applications

Steel and primary metals are produced in many types of industrial applications to meet various market segment demands.
These processes include:

  • Steel product manufacturing
  • Steel and iron mills manufacturing
  • Copper processing
  • Nickel processing
  • Zinc processing
  • Carbon steel processing
  • Precious metals processing
  • Foundries
  • Alumina and aluminum production and processing
  • Nonferrous metal (other than aluminum) production and processing
  • Industrial wastewater treatment

Fluid transfer industrial pumps are utilized in nearly every stage of the steel manufacturing application and require reliable operation in this hazardous, heavy-duty environment. Trends in pumps and process equipment for steel and primary metal operations are incorporating more automated pumping equipment designed to improve efficiency and safety with less hands-on intensive labor required.

Steel and Primary Metal Operations

Within many of these steel and primary metal applications, there are several operations that utilize industrial pumps and process equipment. The filtration and separation required during the production of alumina and aluminum products is one example where high-quality, reliable pumping solutions are needed.

Durable pumping equipment is utilized in many stages of steel production, including:

  • Pickling
  • Dewatering
  • Blast furnace
  • Descaling
  • Casting
  • Effluent handling
  • Washing down

Quality pumps for the steel industry are required in all of these applications and must handle a variety of fluid transfer types, including hazardous chemicals, abrasive slurries, debris, acidic conditions, high temperatures, and many other challenging conditions.

Descaling primary metals is a critical process where steel industrial pumps must be able to adjust and control pressures and water flows when producing various types of steel. Pickling is a critical part of steel production where unfinished steel is immersed in a solution of sulfuric and hydrochloric acids to remove impurities. These chemicals must be handled safely as the steel moves throughout the process of pickling continuous coiled rolls of steel.

Steel and Primary Metal Pumps and Process Equipment Solutions

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, offers an array of highly durable pumps and process equipment designed to meet the demanding needs of steel and primary metal production. We offer the highest quality of pumps and process equipment from the top manufacturers combined with unmatchable technical expertise and pumping experience. We differ from other pump suppliers in our technical ability and vast market knowledge to provide an array of value-added services such as complete process equipment system design, installation, testing, and ongoing service and support.

The pumping specialist at IPE can help you determine the right type of pump and process equipment to meet your application needs and take a step further to optimize your entire process for maximum efficiency and safety. Pump reliability is crucial in the steel and primary metals industry, which faces continual challenges of high heat, high pressure, corrosion, and maintenance issues.

IPE provides pumps and process equipment solutions for the primary metals and steel industry for efficient and safe operations. We are experienced in process equipment system design for the primary metals market that provides efficient energy consumption with maximum uptime. Contact us to speak with an engineer and learn how to improve your pumping and process equipment for the primary metals market.