Improve Liquid Dosing for Pilot Plants

Improve Liquid Dosing for Pilot Plants

Dosing for Pilot Plants

Increase costs as setting up, operating, and evaluating pilot plant test results can be an expensive process. Improving the accuracy and efficiency of data collected improves final plant design and saves a considerable amount of money.Pilot plants serve a very important purpose to help make the right decisions for the final plant system design. Highly accurate data must be collected when measuring critical fluids to choose the best process equipment and pumping solutions to meet application requirements. This data must be collected efficiently and accurately.

The Importance of Fast, Efficient, and Accurate Data

If fluids are not accurately measured, test runs could take an extremely long time to collect the right data for the best decision-making process. This can significantly

Dosing Pumps May be Typical Although Not Ideal

Dosing pumps are often used to control liquid transfer flows, although in pilot plants, accurate and efficient data of fluid transfer is the key to success. A dosing pump is a typical solution when dosing fluids for noncritical, volume-based processes. Critical processes, however, that require dosing of an exact amount must have better control than what a typical dosing pump provides.

Some applications are best served with diaphragm metering pumps like the Grundfos DDA, which do not require flow meters. Otherwise, higher dosing rates and steady flow metering requirements are better handled with gear pumps and flow meters.

Flow Meters with Gear Pumps Improve Accuracy and Efficiency

Adding a flow meter to a gear pump is often the best way to achieve accuracy with dosing and to obtain fast and efficient data of your process. Flow meters provide the pump control needed to closely monitor an application and provide complete control of dosing fluids. This is important both in laboratory and industrial applications.

Pump Control with Flow Meters for Accurate Pilot Testing

Flow meters in laboratory applications and pilot plant testing systems require accurate data for engineers to evaluate the facts required to design a larger industrial operation. Accurate data is essential when scaling pilot testing to industrial processes. This practical testing is essential as written performance is not always the same as actual performance in practice.

Flow meters provide the accurate data required for careful evaluation of critical processes, along with a compact design to support space-saving, scaled-down testing operations.

Flow Meters Improve Pump Reliability and Robustness

Critical dosing industrial applications demand reliability and robustness from pumping equipment without sacrificing accuracy. Flow meters provide solutions with gear pumps that deliver many advantages, such as a simple system design, less maintenance, and improved pumping reliability.

Your pump and process equipment supplier can provide more information on choosing the right instrumentation with the robustness and compactness required, along with the accurate and efficient performance needed to evaluate critical processes.

IPE Offers Dosing Solutions in Laboratory and Industrial Processes

Illinois Process Equipment, IPE, is a leading Midwest supplier providing pumping solutions to a wide range of industries and market applications. We differ from other pump suppliers with our vast technical expertise and market experience to deliver the best pumping solution for your process.

IPE provides full process equipment and pumping system design, installation, and testing to optimize your process for maximum efficiency and safety. We offer a wide range of the highest quality pumps on the market, including gear pumps, dosing pumps, centrifugal pumps, AODD pumps, and more. Contact us with any questions and to learn more about improving your dosing application with flow meters for improved accuracy and efficiency.