How to Choose The Correct Metering Gear Pump

How to Choose The Correct Metering Gear Pump

Choosing The Correct Metering Gear Pump

Precision gear metering pumps provide reliable, accurate, and pulse-free metering for many fluid process conditions over a broad range of applications. Many gear pumps provide simple transfer of liquids, while others are designed with exceptionally tight tolerances to provide extremely accurate flow in applications that require precision metering.

Precision Gear Metering Pumps Address Various Challenges

Ensuring the integrity of the process is mission-critical, and precision gear metering pumps are uniquely designed to overcome the challenges in various mixing and metering applications. Pulsating or inconsistent flows can create variances that result in out-of-spec production and/or a ruined end product, causing excessive rework and waste.

Precision gear metering pumps provide pumping solutions and address various challenges, including:

  • Over dispensing – over spraying or dispensing results in increased cost and material waste.
  • Overfeeding additives – results in added expenses and affects product appeal.
  • Overfeeding expensive chemicals – results in extra expenses and can affect product quality.
  • Insufficient pressure – affects productivity and quality in applications like spray paint processes with inconsistent volume variations.
  • Difficulty controlling extruder variations – controlling changes in density, viscosity, and pressure fluctuations can be a challenge.

Precision gear metering pumps address these challenges, providing dimensional stability and high wear resistance in applications where extreme pressures, temperatures, and viscosities, including corrosive and abrasive materials, can be accommodated. Gear pumps designed for precision metering improve accurate delivery with minimal pulsations and tight pumping clearances.

Considerations When Choosing a Metering Gear Pump

It is important to evaluate the following considerations when choosing a precision metering gear pump for your application:

  • Be sure to convey all complete and accurate application data to your pump supplier. All application data should include minimum and maximum flow rates, viscosity and fluid type, temperatures, inlet and discharge pressures, and the presence of any solids.
  • Relay your intended pump usage. Most pump suppliers have experience with your type of application or something similar and can offer suggestions on process equipment design and pumping solutions.
  • Never let your pump run dry. Pump bearings and seals require lubrication in most gear pumps and can be damaged if a pump runs dry for a short period of time.
  • Consider a pressure relief valve. Installing a pressure relief valve in the discharge piping is recommended to protect the pump in case of a plugged filter, nozzle, or restriction in the line. Pumps with internal pressure relief valves protect the pump rather than the system.
  • Ask about ancillary equipment. Talk to your pump and process equipment supplier about ancillary equipment that could enhance your pump performance upstream and downstream. This may include calibration columns, pressure relief valves, isolation valves, or strainers. Your pump supplier can identify the right specifications of ancillary equipment to meet your pumping needs.
  • Discuss any long-term storage plans. Let your pump supplier know if you plan to store your pump or equipment prior to installation or in between usage, as special packaging or maintenance can prolong the life of your pump and protect components.
  • Review and understand the manufacturer’s specifications. Be sure that you understand the pump manufacturer’s operational manual and installation procedures prior to start up. Make sure that you understand the maintenance schedule and troubleshooting procedures.

Follow these tips and speak with a trusted process equipment and pumping solutions provider like Illinois Process Equipment.

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